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Medieval Death

The University of Cambridge offers Medieval Studies among its International Summer Programmes. In August 2017, it included two courses about The Black Death and Medieval Death and Dying that I attended thanks to the Erasmus+ project of my school. Although probably not every one agrees, these topics can be interesting not only for scholars, but also for secondary students. In a time when walking dead and forensic research are increasingly present in the entertainment and popular culture, some school activities could be developed from those topics. Let’s see some possible sources to study medieval death.

The following text is extracted from Life and miracles of Saint Modwenna written in Latin by Geoffrey of Burton in the 12th century:

«[…] That very same day on which they were interred they appeared at evening, while the sun was still up, at Drakelow, carrying on their shoulders the wooden coffins in which they had been buried. The whole following night they walked through the paths and fields of the village, now in the shape of men carrying wooden coffins on their shoulders, now in the likeness of bears or dogs or other animals. They spoke to the other peasants […]»

This photo pictures a medieval shrine showing holes for touching the relics presumably of Saint Osmund, who died in 1099, and it is kept at Salisbury Cathedral.

This article about the Black Death explains the huge impact of the plague on the medieval European people. This summary is a good introduction to know more about the Black Death in the past and in recent times. This presentation is useful for visual learners and updates the information available about the Black Death from the last research.

This archeological research can be the base for a forensic case study on medieval bones.

New BC/MECD curriculum for language and literacy

Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte - Gobierno de España


Here is a direct link to the recently published pdf «Spanish English primary integrated curriculum. Language and Literacy«

Here are the infants and secondary curriculum documents:


>>>Currículo integrado hispano-británico para educación infantil y orientaciones para su desarrollo<<<<


>>>>Integrated Curriculum for Secondary Education English – Years 1 and 2<<<<

CLIL subjects

>>>Integrated Curriculum for Secondary Education Natural Science, Years 1 and 2<<<<

>>>Integrated Curriculum for Secondary Education. Social Sciences, Years 1 and 2<<<<

>>>>Pedagogical Guidelines Primary: Science, Geography, History<<<<



Famous migrants

This is an activity that was already uploaded to this website, but it was not available anymore due to some problems the website experienced. So, we have it here again. It is a non typical approach to migration that can be used for Geography or English lessons.

Famous migrants

Here, you can get the powerpoint:

FAMOUS-MIGRANTS Aragonbilingue version

Here, you can get the worksheets:


Zoom – Publicación Mensual de la Embajada de USA


Zoom In On the USA is a publication aimed to help English language students.

We hope that English language teachers will find it useful, and high school students will read it to brush up on their linguistic skills. You can receive Zoom every month by e-mail (.pdf format) requesting it throughout our subscription form.








ESL Discussions

ESL Discussions.

Pair-work activities on a range of different topics. Downloadable free in pdf or Word format.

Everything ESL

You may or may not be familiar with this website by Judie Haynes from New Jersey. It offers lesson plans, vocabulary, teaching tips and resources (some free, others not). See in particular this nice link on animal classification and categorization. Lots of different levels. I’m ticking category 1 ESO but you’ll find material for other levels. Just enter a search term in the EverythingESL search box.

Voice of America


Up-to-the-minute news and lots of great resources from the US.

Texts on numerous topics, downloadable audio files, pronunciation, grammar and vocab activities, games and more. Lots of different levels.Voice_of_America_Logo-300x126

Check out the Activities link:VOA_activities

Or the EFL teaching community link for grammar:Voice_of_America_Logo-300x126


BBC News – Spain Country Profile

As well as the BBC World Service’s excellent Learning English website, which you are all no doubt familiar with, here’s another great BBC website, this time about Spain in English. Latest news plus links relating to history, geography, the economy, art, literature, politics, culture and more. Drop-down menu for same on other countries. Great reading and resources for teachers and also possibly useful for class, although I’m not sure which levels!