El próximo 6 de marzo, Trinity College London ha organizado el taller gratuito “Language through literature & (M)other-tongue tied” en horario de 10 a 13.15h.

Inscripciones hasta el 1 de marzo a las 10h.




Language through literature:

Too often the word ‘literature’ conjures up ideas of impenetrable genius. But it doesn’t need to be this way, and properly used literature provides even lower-level learners with an excellent window into both the English language and the cultures of the English-speaking world. In this workshop we’ll look at practical examples of activities designed to carefully introduce students to literature in English, whilst at the same time providing plentiful opportunities for meaningful practice of essential language skills. 

 (M)other-tongue tied:

Most teaching is done to monolingual groups by teachers who share the learners’ first language. On the surface this would seem to be far from the ideal situation for teaching pronunciation. Everyone will be making the same mistakes with nobody there to correct them. Or is it like that? Could it not be that there are real benefits to working with learners who share the same L1? In fact, is their mother tongue really tying these learners up, or is it the foundation to success in pronouncing in English well?