Serie de artículos sobre el uso de la Inteligencia Artificial para la enseñanza y el aprendizaje

Expert article: Should we chat?by Petra Bevek, Slovenian Ministry of Education

Practice article: Adapting to the future: responsibly integrating AI into teaching and learning

News article: AI and data literacy: key skills for the data-driven world

News article: Preparing teacher education for a future with A

News article:Digital education content generated or assisted by AI

News article: Ethical considerations in educational AI

Publication: Guidance for generative AI in education and research

Publication: Digital education content in the EU – state of play and policy options

Publication: AI report by the European Digital Education Hub’s Squad on artificial intelligence in education

Webinar recording: Empowering educational leadership through artificial intelligence

Webinar recording: AI for student engagement and motivation

Webinar series recordings: Artificial intelligence for teacher professional development

Online course (for self-paced learning): Discussing AI with students without sounding robotic