Webinars for Secondary Teachers
These webinars delivered by Amanda McLoughlin and aimed at ‘subject’ teachers in
bilingual contexts. We hope they will also be of interest to our English teachers as well as they
support colleagues with the demands of subject teaching and collaborate in cross-curricular
projects together.

Supporting input in bilingual classes Thursday 27th January 17:00-18:00 CET
Amanda McLoughlin, experienced trainer and CLIL materials writer, will look at how to approach
input in bilingual lessons in Secondary to make input activities as dynamic and motivating as
possible by incorporating active learning strategies. You’ll come away from this webinar with
lots of simple techniques to use in your lessons that are easy to adapt to different subjects and
different levels.

Promoting thinking skills in the bilingual secondary classroom Monday 31st January

Join Amanda McLoughlin to find out how to design simple, easy-to-use activities and tasks that
will help promote thinking skills in a range of lessons and for various ages and levels. Thinking
skills are a key competence in the world today but they are something we often overlook in the
classroom. In this session, she’ll give you plenty of ideas for how to develop thinking skills with
your learners.

Task differentiation in bilingual Secondary education Tuesday 1st February 17:00
In this webinar Amanda Mcloughlin will look at the basics of task differentiation. We all know
that no two students are the same. As teachers, then, we need to know how to adapt our
activities to make them accessible to all the learners in our classrooms, whatever level of
support they need and whatever the reason is that they need support. Join us to find out about
some easy ways to do this for your learners.